Break setback with dolphin behavior

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Marion Naus

Lifelong learning is one of my most important mottos. It keeps you sharp, young and up-to-date. The most important thing that I have learned so far, and that I still benefit greatly, are the interventions performance behavior or Mental Emotional power of top sport. These interventions are inspiring and provide an important reinforcement in case of stagnation and setback for achieving the desired result.

Through Mental Emotional Power, I am a self-conscious ´self-made woman´ with the mirror as my best friend for my inner and outer person. In addition, I provide myself with energy rich food for a healthy energy level with daily victories. Because of less pleasant experiences, I started to devote more and more attention at healthy energy level aspect. You also can't ignore it anymore in this time with stress, hectic and lots of distractions.

With my less pleasant experiences in 2007 and 2012, I did researches and experiments which led to a very nice analysis. We have 2 brains that communicate with each other: the main brain with our ratio and the intestines brain with our emotions. My analysis is also scientifically proven in the US and books have been written about this subject. That´s why a healthy energy level is also an important base in the total package of mental emotional strenght.

Lifelong learning with Public Relations, Neuro Linquist Programming, Sport and Organizational Psychology, Sport Haptonomy, Integrated Management, Marketing and Sales. And I still learn by reading a lot, experimenting and applying in a very practical way. An example of this is associating as I do in my training and coaching with nature, culture and sport. So that it is simple and faster with smart application in your own work, sport or private situation.
Europe: Interim HR Business Partner / specific projects
* specific projects such as health and human capital
* advice and alignment policy, implementation and support
* advice and realization of departmental and organizational objectives.
Life, business and sport
* specialism: Mental Emotional strength at setback and stagnation
* workshops training weekend sports teams and athletes in southern Spain
* VIP coaching Málaga / Marbella: ME strength at setback and stagnation
* theme weekends Málaga / Marbella: entrepreneurs, leaders-managers-coaches.