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What action words come to mind when you think of a dolphin? For me this is simple, smart and speed. A dolphin actually looks very simple and does things very simply for the human eye. It is a smart animal because it uses its senses well. Moreover, he quickly applies what he has learned in practice with speed under and above water. In short, it is a playful specimen that has stolen many hearts through its personality.
With the dolphin package you choose quickly and easily what you need in terms of mental emotional power so that you cleverly breaks through setbacks. Which results in performance behavior or personality, which appeals to you the most.

Your own knowledge and strength is usually insufficient to achieve your goals by yourself. Especially when you have to deal with complex matters in business and on a high level in sports where details are the boss. Then to be distinctive is important for healthy performance behavior. You make impact with the why and how of mental emotional strenght for a healthy performance personality.

Especially in the last 20% to reach your goal, you usually get setbacks and stagnations. Details are the boss in complex situations and at a high level in business and sport. Also health or financial issues can be a problem in this phase. Do you continue in the same way with even more willpower but without really knowing how? Then there is a big chance that you will be confrontated with an unhealthy lifestyle with to much stress, pressure, lack of time, burn out and eaten unhealty food or not in time. With the total package of mental emotional strenght you know how to reach the finish healthy and safe.

Don't let it get that far because prevention is better than cure. In the final phase, 80% mental emotional power is very important to reach your goal with personality. The basis must be present with a healthy energy level, common sense and healthy self-communication. In order to immediately proceed healthily with insight into behavior, influence on thinking-feeling-doing and usually small interventions for new performance behavior with impact.

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SUN model

The sun model

Passion is the energy that works as a fuel to reach your goal. You have inspiration where time is less important and you experience a sense of flow. You do something with heart and soul because you want it and not because you have to. Passion is the sun in yourself with self-aware, undertaking and natural performance behavior for the sun in yourself. No passion causes boredom in life that will pass colorless.

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