Break setback with dolphin behavior

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Do you want the sun in yourself for balance in leading your team and management
Do you regularly suffer from stress, pressure, lack of time, avoidance behavior or vague complaints
Do you want to transform setback or stagnation into strenghtening with result
Do you feel that you have taken everything out of yourself or your team without success
Do you want dolphin behavior with simple, smart and quickly mental emotional strenght
Do you have a healthy energy level or do you suffer from vague complaints
Do you want to be in control of yourself, thereby consciously in balance between private and professional life.

Online coaching

My personal coaching is simple and smart with small adjustments for new behavior with quick results. Because the last 20% to result consists of details with 80% Mental Emotional strenght. Look at top sport as a metaphor. Of course first we will introduce ourselves by contact at phone or laptop. What do you want to say, what possibilities are there, why the right questions are important for the application of ME strenght and how I help you with this.

Contact me for online coaching and the choice is yours.

VIP leadership

VIP leaderschip management team

Do you want a better self-managing management team for knowledge, strength and quality in case of a setback or stagnation? Convert anxiety, stress, pressure, lack of time and avoidance behavior into mental emotional power for performance behavior with personality. Especially the last 20% on the way to your goal is 80% mental emotional power. The further or higher you are, the more important details are with possible adjustments. Just look at top sport as a metaphor.

Contact us what I can do for your management team.

VIP personal coaching

Are you stucked through major setbacks and stagnations in your work and does this possibly also have impact on your private life and health? Stagnation means decline and if you do nothing, it goes downhill quickly. Convert fear, stress, pressure, lack of time, avoidance behavior and lack of energy into mental emotional strenght. For confidence, resilience and responsibility, in safety with freedom. Do you want also healthy performance behavior with mental emotional strenght?

Contact us and become a result-oriented personality.

Team event

Have fun in Málaga

Do you have something to celebrate with your organization or team? And do you want to link a theme to this in a playful and simple way to lead yourself and your team to healthy performance behavior with results? Then a long weekend in the sunny Spanish city of Málaga is a fantastic option to take a break and learn in a smart and fast way. For a win-win situation for the customer, the team and the organization.

Together with my event manager and son Joey we ensure an inspiring long weekend with all the highlights of the beautiful historic Spanish city of Málaga by the sea. With workshop themes mental-emotional power on the beach, at the top of the castle wall with 360 degree views, in the center with historic buildings and nature park or in the botanical garden. The choice of workshop themes is huge!

Contact me and I would like to hear what the team needs for coordination.

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