Break setback with dolphin behavior

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Do you want to become a champion with your team or avoid relegation?
Then it's time for performance behavior with mental-emotional power. Because the last 20% to your goal consists of 80% mental-emotional power. Especially with setback and stagnation, the trick is to use the right knowledge and strength for quality with results.

In addition, performance is still too often seen as pressure, stress, lack of time. And with the total package of mental emotional power, performance is a lot of fun, sometimes pain and always passion. Fun is a condition for positivity. Sometimes pain is needed for challenges and staying sharp. And of course you get passion with all the knowledge of mental and emotional power.

This results in healthy performance behavior with a good energy level, added value with wanting and knowing and a personality with a calm and powerful appearance.

Coaching leadership sport coaches

There are more sports coaches who struggle with their team than sports coaches who are successful with their team. Performance problems are usually of a mental emotional nature that has to do with thinking, feeling and doing. And how further you are, the more you will have to distinguish yourself to become a top team. With mental emotional strenght all is about the why and how for being aware and acting for natural performance behavior. I call it SUN behavior. For the sun in yourself with reinforcement as trust, resilience and responsibility.

Changes with mental emotional strenght consist of small adjustments with major positive consequences. It's all about details to make the difference and off course it starts with you. Every new action from you is a new reaction within your team, from your team mate and also from your opponent. How easy can it be.

Team training days

A workshop or program of mental emotional strength is an added value for more performance behavior when you and your team go to a training camp in Málaga area or Marbella area.

In a workshop you will become acquainted with all aspects of team performance behavior. In a multi-day program you opt for a deepening of up to 3 themes. These are inspiring days to meet, discover and develop at the same time.

You can choose from the following themes : * the importance of healthy energy level, * the 3 most important mindsets, * targeted self and team communication, * insight and influence with knowledge of different thinking, feeling and doing, * the power of behavioral interventions from top sports for new performance behavior with reinforcement of confidence, resilience and responsibility.

Mental emotional strenght for fanatic golfers

Are you a fanatic golfer and do you want to bring down your handicap? With mental emotional strenght a new world will opens for you. With insight and influence for different thinking-feeling-doing to new performance behavior.

You absolutely need mental emotional strenght when playing golf with for example the right form of attention for concentration and focus, but also for guts and letting go. And also in golf you have to be able to convert setbacks and stagnations into results.

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