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Traveling and working through north, west and south Europe with Málaga in Andalusia as my home base gives energy for effect. Every time I come home I realize how soothing and beautiful the south is. With the beautiful nature, culture and radiance of the sun.

Getting away from your familiar environment is the smartest way for independent entrepreneurs and undertaking leaders like managers-trainers-coaches to quickly acquire new knowledge and strenght.

That is why I prefer inspiration and theme weekends in the nature of Málaga so that you apply mental emotional power directly on international nature, culture and sport.

Inspiring Spain, Andalusia and Málaga


What most people don't know is that Spain is 12.5 times larger than the Netherlands, only has 57 million inhabitants and 19 autonomous communities, each with its own president. The total coastline of this huge peninsula is 5000 km and the nature has huge contrasts as such as the climate. Sea climate in the north, continental climate in the middle and Mediterranean sea climate on the east and south coast. If you have discovered much more than the coasts, then you are in love with this colorful country and you never get bored.


This is the most southern independent comunidad of Spain with the beautiful city of Seville as its capital. This area was occupied by the Romans and Arab Moors. The beautiful architecture from those different times still appeals to the imagination. The land of light "El Anda Luz in Arabic" lives up to its name because it is here that the sun is shining more than 300 days a year. The nature is magnificant and the culture is very family Spanish, especially eating and partying together.


Málaga is the example of a metamorphosis or transformation. From an industrial city to a city of tourism and technology with a beautiful Spanish character. The historic city center has been beautifully renovated and lively with terraces, Mediterranean dishes and music. More and more cruise ships visit Málaga for one day, resulting in one big melting pot of nationalities in the city center. I wonder how long Málaga will stay in the Spanish atmosphere?

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